We've already translated God's Word into almost 2,000 languages to reach over 2 billion people around the world. Your investment will accelerate the translation of Scripture for those still waiting.

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Things of this world will come and go,
but the Word of God is everlasting.

Give hope, peace, and joy to the millions of people still waiting for Scripture in their language.



“When I saw the Bible in my language, I could not hold back my tears” —Onesmus, Tharaka Translator

Celebrate the Transformation through God's Word in the Heart Language



Millions of people don't have a single verse of Scripture in their language. Give so everyone can experience the joy and fullness of life in Christ.

How does your investment reach across the globe and make an eternal impact? Watch now.


I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. 
—John 10:10b ESV

Fueling Prayers

Did you know millions of people don’t know how to pray to God in their language? When a people group doesn't have Scripture in their language, they don’t have words to express concepts like sin, grace, or redemption. As a result, their church services and prayers are often expressed in the language of wider communication. The intimacy of speaking to God in their native language gets lost. But when Scripture is translated, people develop a deeper connection with God because they can talk to him straight from their heart.

Help People Connect to God

Shining Light in Darkness

Not only does Scripture bring salvation, but it shows us how to be light in a dark world. When communities receive Scripture in their language, they begin to live differently. Widows and orphans are cared for, neighboring rivalries cease, and marriages are sanctified. The entire community is strengthened by new ways of thinking that reflect God’s glory … bringing more of heaven to earth. And more people are drawn to Christ through the grace and mercy displayed by local believers.

Share Light in Dark Places

Empowering Women

In some cultures around the world, it’s common for women to experience abuse and oppression. But today, in those same cultures, women are using their voices in their communities through the Esther Initiative. This program trains and engages women to use Bible translation ministry in their language communities. Women boldly share the Word of God in their heart language through Oral Bible Storytelling. Hope and value are being restored in the lives of women around the world!

Our Esther Initiative impacts over 100 million people.

Empower More Women Through Scripture

Having Scripture is absolutely critical ... then they can go and make their own disciples.

–JJ Waters, Burn 24/7

If we cannot provide the Bible everywhere in every language, we will miss the opportunity to reach a generation who thirsts and hungers for the answer.

–Andy Tjokro, UPRising

Witnessing this moment, the Word of God coming to His children, was one of the most profound, unforgettable experiences of my life.

–Ann Voskamp, Author and Speaker



“When I saw the Bible in my language, I could not hold back my tears” 
—Onesmus, Tharaka Translator

Celebrate the Transformation 
through God's Word 
in the Heart Language