The Rendille people in Kenya now have the full New Testament

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Your advocacy can make an eternal impact in the life of someone waiting to hear God's promises in their language.

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There are millions of people who don't know that God speaks their language. They may have heard of Jesus, but He is part of a foreign book that they don't understand.

There is a huge need for Bible translation. 
But people won't know unless you share.

90% of the languages in the world don’t have the full Bible. 2,100+ languages don’t have a single verse! @TheSeedCompany mission is to accelerate Scripture translation and impact through Great Commission partnerships. Help everyone know that God speaks their language!

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The Rendille people of Kenya received the New Testament in their language this past year! Already, hearts are being transformed by God's Word. Join @TheSeedCompany and impact more lives with Scripture in the heart language.

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Bible translation matters. Think of your favorite verse of Scripture. Imagine not having access to that truth. This is the reality for millions of people. Partner with @TheSeedCompany to give God’s Word. Eternity is impacted by your generosity.

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Access to Scripture in the heart language matters.

When people are trying to connect to their Creator, they need to hear His words in a language they are deeply rooted in.


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We can begin Scripture translation in every language by 2025. Let’s go.

Your generosity and advocacy is making an eternal impact.

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